Have you had your apple today?

There is purely something magical about biting into a crunchy fresh apple.

About Wink

In the early years we established the Glooscap apple brand. Glooscap is a mythical hero, god, and transformer of the native people of Atlantic Canada and in other parts of North America.

Our Growers

Our growers are the heart and sole of our business. We want to bring attention to these men, women and families who grow the fruit which you enjoy


Pazazz is an apple variety like no other. It’s a descendent of the beloved Honeycrisp but has a unique look and taste all its own.

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We would love to hear from you about our products or if you are inquiring about becoming a grower

Each Wink apple is hand selected

at the exact right moment and gently packaged for its journey to your table. For you, for your family, for that special someone. . .